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Thursday, December 15, 2016

#Free Two Book Set #TimeTravel #Romance Set in Ancient Egypt #Fantasy #HistoricalRomance

Free Friday 12/16/16!

The Outlander series had does much to popularize time travel romance novels. Outlander is set in Scotland. Breaking new territory, "The Missing Princess of Egypt" and its sequel "The Princess and the Minotaur" set a time travel romance in ancient Egypt and Minoan Crete. Minotaurs, Bull Vaulting, Magic, Myths, Gods and Goddesses
About "The Missing Princess of Egypt":
Love across Time--Even a three thousand year span could not stop them from being together

Greek Chariot racer Aaron and Egyptian Princess Mara were destined to be together, even if a Pharaoh and a King stood between them. This compelling story is set against the background of Ancient Egypt and Modern day. Princess Mara is betrothed in an arranged marriage to a cruel prince from a neighboring warrior nation. Enslaved Aaron Light Bringer has been given as a gift to the Princess, to train her leopard to pull her chariot. Mara is drawn to this exceptional man, despite his slave status, and her duty to marry the prince.

Modern day archaeologist Aaron has nightmares about escaping from an ancient ruthless prince while attempting to rescue a stunning Egyptian princess. In a cave, he finds gifts left for him by the princess three thousand years earlier. Can he work the spell and go back in time to save her?

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Paula Sunsong has worked as a reporter, private investigator, and worked on two films that went to the Sundance Film Festival.

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