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Thursday, December 15, 2016

#Free #FreebieFriday #StarWars #StarTrek parody, Complete 3 Book Set Free Friday 12/16/16 only!

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Free on Friday: Twilight of the Star Vampires Three book Set A Star Wars, Twilight, Star Trek Parody

Three Full Novels Free Friday 12/16/16

What happens when Twilight Saga vampire Edward Cullen meets Darth Vader meets Vulcan Spock? That question is answered in this parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars and Star Trek. Will Edward Cullen survive a fight with the evil Emperor of the Dark Side? Will vampire Vulcan Spock win over Princess Leia?

Download for free now and find out the fate of the amusing mash of characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and Twilight Saga. 

Click on the "Twilight of the Star Vampires" image below to download All 3 full length books for free from Amazon. You don't need a kindle to read it, Amazon gives away free reading apps (See link to free reading app below Amazon images).



Click for Amazon Free Reading apps

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