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Saturday, December 10, 2016

#Free Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight parody, Vampires, Science fiction, humor

#free, #freebie, #bargainbook, #starwars, #startrek, #twilight, #parody

Twilight of the Star Vampires Book 2 A Star Wars, Twilight, Star Trek Parody

Full Novel Free Saturday 12/10 and Sunday 12/11/16

Vampire's Anonymous members may say their serenity prayer, but they're ready to take action and bite anyone crossing their members. Vampire Vulcanturi Spocko is falling for Princess Lela, but she may prefer Chewy, the werewolf. Obegone meets the attractive Brun Solow, and offers to play strip poker with her. General Gleevous, while dancing to Disco tunes, commands his droids to capture the Jedi.

Can Obegone turn Manikin back to the light side of The Farce, or will he have to battle Manikin at the Hot Flows of Cheddar on the Planet Nabiscko? Will the vampire Edward Cullet be able to escape the Vulcanturi, and find his way to his beloved Padme and his twin children, Luck and Lela?

Download for free now and find out the fate of the amusing mash of characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and Twilight Saga. Click on the image below to download from Amazon for free. You don't need a kindle to read it, Amazon gives away free reading apps. See the link below.


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