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Sunday, November 30, 2014

See New George Lucas Film Trailer "Strange Magic", Star Wars Creator's Film Like Labyrinth

George Lucas wrote Strange Magic, an animated fairy tale, due to premier Jan. 23, 2015. The plot was inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The land is split between two worlds, the magical world of fairies, and the mysterious dark forest of goblins. The worlds stay separate, until a love potion is made from flowers that grow on the borders.

Lucas created the story about finding beauty in strange places. Gary Rydstrom (director of Toy Story short Hawaiian Vacation) is directing Strange Magic. Rydstrom compares the film to Labyrinth, a Jim Henson fantasy movie starring David Bowie. George Lucas was one of the contributing screenwriters on Labyrinth.

Strange Magic is a musical with popular songs from the last six decades. Like Frozen, two of the main characters are sisters.

Last Day Free: "The Missing Princess of Egypt" and "The Princess and the Minotaur" Time Travel, Historical Romance Adventure

Last Day Free!

Free Egyptian, time travel adventures:

The Goddess Time Travel Romance Adventures Set (Books 1-2): The Missing Princess of Egypt & The Princess and the Minotaur:

Also Free for a Limited Time:

Twilight Daybreak a Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn sequel sendup, free thru 12/1/14

Twilight of the Star Vampires, a Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight Saga parody, Last Day Free

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Description of the Goddess Time Travel Romance Adventure Set:

This is a Two Book Set

Book 1: The Missing Princess of Egypt:

Greek Chariot racer Aaron and Egyptian Princess Mara were destined to be together, even if a Pharaoh and a King stood between them.  This compelling story is set against the background of Ancient Egypt and Modern day. Princess Mara is betrothed in an arranged marriage to a cruel prince from a neighboring warrior nation. Enslaved Aaron Light Bringer has been given as a gift to the Princess, to train her leopard to pull her chariot. Mara is drawn to this exceptional man, despite his slave status, and her duty to marry the prince.

Modern day archaeologist Aaron has nightmares about escaping from an ancient ruthless prince while attempting to rescue a stunning Egyptian princess. In a cave, he finds gifts left for him by the princess three thousand years earlier. Can he work the spell and go back in time to save her?

Book 2: The Princess and the Minotaur

Fleeing from the cruel warrior prince of the Hittites, the Princess of Egypt calls upon the Goddess Isis, who opens a time portal. She and her friends enter the time portal, causing the palace handmaiden Sati to land in a labyrinth in Minoan Crete. A man--or a minotaur--carries Sati off. Sati's boyfriend will do anything to save her, even if it means fighting an undefeated Minotaur.

The warrior king of the Hittites vows to avenge his son. He awakens the dragon of the volcano to do his bidding, to kidnap the Princess of Egypt, and punish those that helped her escape the king's clutches.

Drawn into the sensuous joy of the Minoan people, the Princess of Egypt forgets her fears, but the mysterious attractive traveler may be the greatest threat yet. The princess' beloved--the Greek charioteer Aaron--collapses into a magic caused coma. Only a dangerous journey through the clashing cliffs to the healing waterfall will save him.

Also free (note free dates listed):

"Twilight Daybreak: Nessie's Story" a lighthearted sequel to the Twilight Saga
Free 11/27/14 to 12/1/14

"Twilight of the Star Vampires: A parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars & Star Trek" Set (Books 1-3)
Free 11/30/14

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Feel free to share or re-post. Reviews are appreciated!

See Lego Versions Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens Trailer--Hilarious!

Snooperking created this Lego Star Wars trailer parody, using his own Lego collection, green screen footage, and sewing string.

 FinalFeature made this after 22 hours of nonstop work, including 4 hours of 1500 frames of animation. 

Great job!

Star Wars The Force Awakens is scheduled to play in theaters in December of 2015. 

Free Today! Twilight of the Star Vampires, a parody of Star Wars, Star Trek and Twilight. Click image below to download.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free Twilight Saga books "Twilight Midnight Sun" by Stephenie Meyer & "Twilight Daybreak" sequel send-up

Stephenie Meyer wondered what Twilight would have been like if written from Edward's perspective. Stephenie Meyer loves creative writing exercises, so she wrote 264 pages of Twilight Midnight Sun.

Stephenie intended on completing and publishing the book, until a twist of fate sent it on a different course.  The book was posted on the internet. Only a few copies had left Stephenie's hands, and she knew from the variations in the copies who had posted it. It was someone she trusted. Stephenie decided to put off completing the book, but graciously gives away the 264 pages free from her website. See the link below.

Stephenie wrote: "I do want to take a moment and thank the wonderful fans who have been so supportive of me over the past three years."

Years have passed since Stephenie Meyer last wrote a Twilight book, and Twilight Daybreak was created as a sequel send-up from Paula Sunsong.

Free for a Limited Time, Twilight Daybreak. 
 Free 2/27/15, as my gift to my readers.

Born the half vampire daughter of Edward, Renesmee must choose between the love of Jake, a werewolf, or half vampire Nahual.

After years of a peaceful life with her family, 17 year old Renesmee must face dangerous challenges from Aro's guard and Johan's super-race of half vampires.

A vampire hunter has secretly filmed Renesmee using her superpowers. Renesmee must flee to the Amazon vampires to avoid potential exposure of her vampire powers, and subsequent punishment by Aro's guard.

Leah is the only known female werewolf. The love of her life is getting married to another woman, that he imprinted on. Leah runs from the pain, only to find that danger waits for her. She must fight a battle for her life, and finds that there may be love yet in store for her.

See Links Below for Free Copy of "Twilight Midnight Sun" by Stephenie Meyer
Click on Image of Twilight Daybreak for a copy, free for a limited time

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Click for a free copy of "Twilight Midnight Sun" from Stephenie Meyer's official website:
Twilight Midnight Sun