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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Free Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Sequel Sendup. Renesmee and Jacob Return

Years have passed since Stephenie Meyer last wrote a Twilight book, and Twilight Daybreak was created as a sequel send-up from Paula Sunsong.

Free for a Limited Time: Thursday 2/26/15 and Friday 2/27/15

 Twilight Daybreak:
Born the half vampire daughter of Edward, Renesmee must choose between the love of Jake, a werewolf, or the half vampire Nahual.

After years of a peaceful life with her family, 17 year old Renesmee must face dangerous challenges from Aro's guard and Johan's super-race of half vampires.

A vampire hunter has secretly filmed Renesmee using her superpowers. Renesmee must flee to the Amazon vampires to avoid potential exposure of her vampire powers, and subsequent punishment by Aro's guard.

Leah is the only known female werewolf. The love of her life is getting married to another woman, that he imprinted on. Leah runs from the pain, only to find that danger waits for her. She must fight a battle for her life, and finds that there may be love yet in store for her.

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