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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five New Twilight Films to be Released. Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer involved in project

 Stephenie Meyer and Lionsgate have partnered with Facebook to release five short Twilight Films: "The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga"

Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke, actor Kate Winslet, "Frozen" director Jennifer Lee, producer Cathy Schulman, Ocatavia Spencer, and Julie Bowen will be on a panel of judges to pick five woman directors to make the films.

The films will take place in the Twilight universe, with Twilight characters. Actors from the original movies are not expected to be in the short films--although there are rumors that Kristen Stewart may appear in the films. Lionsgate said it will spend a "significant" amount of money on the short films.

Will there be a sixth Twilight full length movie? Lionsgate vice chairperson Michael Burns said the five short films project " just a beginning--a template if you will. You can probably guess what might be coming next." Popular speculation is that a sixth Twilight movie would center around Renesmee and Jacob's relationship.

The short Twilight films will be released on Facebook in 2015. "We think Facebook is a great way for us to introduce the world of "Twilight" to a whole new audience while re-energizing existing fans," said Burns.

Women in Film organization is supporting the Twilight short films. "The female voice is something that has become more and more important to me as I've worked in the film industry," Stephenie Meyer said.

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Details such as film length, will be made available on crowd sourcing site Tongal see link:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time Travel Romance Set in Ancient Egypt:"The Missing Princess of Egypt" Chariot Races, Magic & Goddesses'

Greek Chariot racer Aaron and Egyptian Princess Mara are drawn to each other, even though a Pharaoh and a King stand between them.  This novel is set in Ancient Egypt and Modern day. Princess Mara is betrothed in an arranged marriage to a cruel prince from another land. The prince enslaved Aaron who is gifted to the Pharaoh, who then gives Aaron to Princess Mara, to train her leopard to pull her chariot. Mara is drawn to this exceptional man, despite his slave status, and her duty to marry the prince.

Modern day archaeologist Aaron has nightmares about escaping from an ancient ruthless prince while attempting to rescue a beautiful Egyptian princess. In a cave, he finds gifts left for him by the princess three thousand years earlier. Could it be he was born in ancient Greece? Will he have to choose between life in modern day, or to return to Princess Mara?

Time Travel Romance: "The Princess and the Minotaur" set in Minoan Crete

My next novel is up on Amazon! I hope you all enjoy it.

Princess Mara of Egypt flees an arranged marriage with a cruel Hittite prince. In this sequel to "The Missing Princess of Egypt", Mara's friend, Sati has landed in a maze in Minoan Crete, and may have been carried off by a Minotaur. Sati's sweetheart, Drastos and her friends travel back through time to save her. The Hittite king wields magic, sending a dragon after the princess to kidnap her and force her to marry his son. The four friends travel across dangerous waters and exotic lands, pass through mazes, clashing cliffs and temples as they protect their friends, and seek the freedom to love whom they choose to love.

Tags: time travel romance, historical romance